If you wool, wewool!

We are so excited to start this adventure with you all! Now that we are live, we ask that you would please spread the word about what we are doing. Our socks are of the finest quality, yet we sell them for much less than the competition. Why do we do that? The reason we sell our products for less is because we have a burning desire to get those in need a pair of socks all over the world! Our thoughts are that if we lower the cost, more pairs will get sold, which means more pairs being donated! With your help, we can be on our way to helping the world in a very large way. If you are planning on buying wool socks, why not purchase them from us knowing that you are joining us on our journey to help LOTS of people.

Every quarter we will tally up our sales and determine how many socks we need to purchase for donations. Once the socks come in we will send a team to a city of our choosing and work with local organizations to distribute the socks. We will make sure to post updates with photos and videos so that you can see how much of an impact your purchases have made. If you have not done so already, sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media accounts to get all the latest updates and promotions we are running. 

Thank you for becoming a part of the WEWOOL family! 

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