Can good things go viral?

Everyday we see some brainless video on our Facebook and we actually take the time to watch it. Most times the videos include sexual references, hate towards certain people, or hacks on how to do something you most likely will never do. The interesting/frustrating part is when we look at the amount of views we see MILLIONS! How is this possible? The video we posted below has been viewed a little more than 15k times. Our company donates a pair of socks to someone in need every time a sale is made on our website, is that not good enough to share? If we had a woman standing in her underwear wearing nothing but our socks would that warrant a share? Are we crazy to think that there are actually millions of people in the world that care about things like we are doing, or has the whole world fallen into the trap of nonsensical topics? If you want to see more good on your Facebook news feed please share this post and give us a like. And if you want to take it one step further, go to and help us help the world! 


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