About us

If you wool, wewool! 

Will you help us help the world?

 Every pair sold means we donate a pair to World Vision

WEWOOL has one goal and that is to help as many people as humanly possible! Our products we sell are inspired by what a person experiencing homelessness would very much need to stay warm and comfortable. The only way we can help is through loyal customers who make a vow to purchase the products we sell in order to help those in need. We stand by our promise to donate a pair of socks every time a pair of ours is sold! Our merino wool socks are made in North Carolina, USA. The finest merino wool socks for a fraction of the price! 

Promo Codes

wewool15 - 15% off any orders $50 or higher.

wewool10 - 10% off any orders $25 or higher.

Our Team

Matt Siracusa - CEO & Founder

Matt had the vision for WEWOOL while running a breakfast outreach ministry in Hartford, CT. The ministry serves breakfast to hundreds of people every Saturday morning. On many occasions, Matt would drive around during the winter with a large quantity of socks, hats, and underwear. He noticed that even grown men would be brought to tears when given a pair of socks! It was clear that something needed to be done on a larger scale where people all around the world were given socks in preparation for the cold months. Matt loves to fly-fish, hunt, and tend to his small personal farm. His active lifestyle has a lot to do with the inspiration of the functionality of our products. As CEO of WEWOOL, Matt desires huge success because that would mean a massive number of people are being helped each year! Matt lives in Connecticut with his wife Meghan, baby Lucy, and their 18 hens.

Email - matt@wewool.org

Phone - 860.538.0761

Ryan Pereira - Creative Director

Ryan is a designer of all things visual. His life has been a "collection of beautiful things, remembered and created." He's highly sensitive — he know's it, but it's empathy that allows him to understand people and bring back the human side of business. Ryan and Matt were roommates in college. They have always had a passion for helping people and Ryan cannot wait to see how far WEWOOL go!

Email - ryan@wewool.org 

Rando Martins - Storyteller 

Rando is a storyteller by trade and heart. For years he’s traveled the world shooting video on projects big and small, and as a result has settled into documentary work focusing on human emotion. He’s passionate about ditching the canned corporate style in videos today and just being real. Teaming up with WEWOOL has been a perfect opportunity for him to get his hands dirty telling real stories and sending a real message in a captivating way. Watch out for what's coming, it's going to be powerful. Check our his work here!